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Community Partners

At CAC-Florida Medical Centers, we have leveraged the many years of service and interaction with our adult patient population to gauge, research and understand their unique needs and concerns. We have taken this valuable feedback and have worked within our community to identify individuals, organizations, and institutions that are in a unique position to assist and educate our senior population about important issues.

Alliance for Aging, Inc.

Partnering with the Alliance for Aging has provided the seniors of Miami-Dade County with informational lectures regarding healthy living. For example, many of our physicians conduct educational seminars about diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, and fall prevention, to name just a few.

American Red Cross

Partnering with the Red Cross has provided our seniors with vital information in preparing for hurricanes in our area, as well as defining specific plans and procedures to follow in case of an evacuation.

The Red Cross partner program has also brought our seniors valuable information about safety from fires at home due to kitchen appliances left unattended, smoking at home, and placing candles in close proximity to clothing.

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Partnering with UM has assisted us in focusing on the safety of our seniors in street crossing throughout our traffic-congested and busy intersections in Miami-Dade county. The Little Havana CAC-Florida Medical Center, for example, is located on the intersection with the greatest number of pedestrian casualties in Miami-Dade County.

School of Nursing and Health Studies/University of Miami

Thanks to a new partnership with the University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies, UM nursing students have a chance to experience the variety and career opportunities of community nursing firsthand at CAC's Medical Centers. The University of Miami is known for its quality. The partnership with the University of Miami’s nursing school, know for its dedication to quality, demonstrates confidence in CAC's patient care.