Smiling men and women discussing their medical center testimonials


CAC patients talk about their experiences.

Your "One Place" has become so much more than just a place to see the physician. See what some of your friends have to say.

Angela Castillo

I am not just a patient, I am family. And I feel great because everyone loves me and I love everyone. And I need them. It’s true! When I went through hard times… I found peace over there. Our boss [sic] is so nice and she worries about all of us, she calls us her babies!! I am very happy, thank goodness.

Leonel Olivo

The care, for me, is number one. They are equipped to make one feel very good. It’s the truth.

Alicia Sierra

I feel very well. I feel happy. I feel like family. I wait every morning to arrive at CAC to find the happiest of people, the nicest of people, and to have a wonderful day.

My doctor is my best friend. He is a person who has tended to me the entire time I’ve been a part of CAC. With so much kindness, with so much care, that even he feels happy with the progress I’ve made in my health. I would say that he is a very important person to me right now.

Vicente C. Pérez

Everyone is [so caring]. A complete family; everyone there is one whole being. From the moment I step inside in the morning, I feel, well, better than any other time in my life. It has helped me a lot, to be a member of that family.

Lucia Granda

At CAC, I feel so great. That is the place I found after I retired. I feel like I’m among a great family. I get to leave my house and go there to entertain myself and spend a few hours that wouldn’t be the same alone at my house!

Melida Donado

First of all, the doctors are very empathetic, very professional, they treat you with so much patience. And I feel perfectly well. The employees give you so much attention. So much attention! But that is what makes one feel so good.