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It is important not only to be physically healthy, but mentally and emotionally healthy too. A sense of belonging can give us that mental and emotional health that we need to lead a balanced life.

Belonging is the presence of meaningful relationships in your life and connections within your chosen communities. It’s having a sense of acceptance through meaningful and positive relationships. According to a Gallup study, here are six ways to boost your sense of belonging:

  1. Spend six hours a day socializing with friends, family, and colleagues. This time includes work, home, phone, e-mail, and other communication.
  2. Strengthen the mutual connections in your network.
  3. Mix social time with physical activity. For example, take a long walk with a friend so you can motivate each other to be healthy.
  4. Identify how you can contribute to your community based on your personal mission.
  5. Tell people about your passions and interests so they can connect you with relevant groups and causes.
  6. Opt into a community group or event. Even if you start small, start now.
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