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Nothing is more important than your health. And when you have diabetes, staying healthy is often more difficult. You may need help in understanding your condition and managing your disease.

That’s what our Diabetes Disease Management Program is all about. Our endocrinologist, your diabetes doctor, is a special part of the team who will provide guidance to help you take control and manage your condition. A new service within our diabetes program is our shared medical appointment.

How would you like to meet other diabetic patients who have the same condition and find out what they do to maintain good blood sugar control? Well, now you can. At the shared medical appointments, you can have open and confidential conversations with your peers about diabetes.

If you choose to, you may now sign up to have shared appointments facilitated by a nurse with other patients who have diabetes. During these sessions you will learn about the complications of your condition, how to self-manage your blood glucose, what foods you can eat and how to prepare them.

A team of health professionals will work with you to help determine your personal goals. The group of health professionals includes a nurse highly educated in diabetes, a pharmacist, and a nutritionist who helps you manage your diabetes by setting realistic goals.

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