Look over our list of services and you'll see what we mean when we say that everything you need to achieve your health and well-being goals is right here in "One Place."

Medical Services

CAC-Florida Medical Centers are staffed by primary care physicians and medical specialists. At CAC, we facilitate partnerships between individual patients and their personal physicians. Each patient has a primary care physician who provides continuous and comprehensive care and coordinates all of the patient's health care services. Specialty care is available in 13 different specialties. Our team of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and nutritionists has developed special programs to assist patients with chronic medical conditions.

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Ancillary Services

CAC-Florida Medical Centers provide a comprehensive approach to addressing your health care needs by offering a multitude of ancillary services under one roof.

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Walk-in Services and Extended/Weekend Hours

To provide you with the peace of mind of knowing medical care is available when you need it, CAC-Florida Medical Centers include three centers that offer walk-in, weekend and extended hours. These centers are conveniently located in Little Havana, Hialeah, and on Bird Road near the Turnpike, and are also open nights and weekends.

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CAC-Florida Medical Centers have pharmacies available in five locations. In addition, we also offer you choices on how you would like to receive your medications and order your refills. Our physicians and pharmacists work together to help you make the most of your prescription drug benefits.

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Wellness and Activities

CAC's Wellness and Activities offer Medicare patients a variety of educational programs, group activities, and games that stimulate your body and mind. Our exercise classes include the Silver Sneakers® Fitness Program. The Wellness and Activities are social hubs for many patients, in addition to providing easy access to many community services.

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Dental Services

CAC-Florida Medical Centers have partnered with All Access Dental to provide dental services at CAC-Florida Medical Centers.

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Vision Optical Services

We recommend yearly vision exams and offer optical services in six of our centers, so you can have your eyes examined and get your prescription eyeglasses all in one place!

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Coordinated Care

We want you to stay health and prevent unnecessary hospital visits. When appropriate, someone from our care team will visit you in your home to ensure your medical needs are coordinated.

If you are admitted to the hospital, our Hospital Liaison will visit you to support your post-discharge care.

After you are discharged from the hospital, our Transition of Care Coordinator will arrange an in-home visit and will also schedule a follow-up appointment with your primary care physician at the medical center to coordinate the continuation of your care.

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